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Making Life Easier: Less Hassle Bookkeeping
During this past year, we have been on a mission to listen ever more intently to what our clients have to say.  We are listening carefully so that we stay highly attuned to local business and economic issues and to the needs of business owners. One theme we have noticed from client commentary is that no one likes bookkeeping!  We often hear this important business function described as “incomplete but we’re working on it”, or as  “what a pain in the neck”…or even worse.
Recently we came across an article on this topic and are making it “Recommended Reading from THG”.  The article focuses on outsourced bookkeeping and its value to small business owners. It represents a point of view that we share in common with the author, so please take a minute to read it.
It begins:  Today when business processes are being redefined, accounting firms offering outsourced services are gaining a strong hold, especially among small businesses. This ensures that only professional accountants will be doing the bookkeeping tasks for your business, allowing you to concentrate on the core business that can generate more profits …more…>
If this service strikes a chord, please contact us and let’s talk about how we can help.
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