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Protect Your Privacy – Guard Your Data
Do you know that your old smartphone can cause you a world of trouble?  It can, and most people are simply unaware of the problem – and the consequences.
Like you, we are busy professionals on the go and our smartphones are used nonstop. And, like so many others, we will donate or give away our old phone when we get the “latest and greatest” new one. We’ve recently discovered this action can lead to some nasty problems so we are alerting you to what we’re learning about this important topic.
Here’s an attention-getting excerpt from a recent PC world article (July, 2011)
Your old cell phone data can reemerge from the past to haunt you….cast-off phones contain troves of information about their former users. And as phones get smarter, they’re ever more likely to hold bank account passwords, professional and personal email, or private photographs that anyone with the right kind of motivation could exploit.
We recommend that you read the complete article and consider the advice about how to protect your personal and professional infromation...> PC World article here.
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